Welcome to our team page. Here you can meet our wonderful team!

My name is Félix Soares, and I’m President of the For Citizens Institute.

I have 15 years of experience managing non-profits organisations, 19 years of experience in political science, and around 15 years in health and health promotion.

Debora Capoccia

8 years of experience in education, inclusion, mental health and migrant integration

Masters degree in Psychology of Intercultural Relations

Bachelor degree in Psychology of Development and Education

Laura Stafie

5 years of experience with non-profits

Master degree in Romanian literary studies

Master degree in Teacher training with subject specialisation

Bachelor degree in English and Romanian literature and linguistics

Bachelor degree in Teacher training with subject specialisation

Margarida Malta

4 years of experience in university-related projects

Master degree in International Studies

Bachelor degree in Political Science

António Santos

Vice-president of the For Citizens Institute

5 years of experience as Development Project Coordinator 

Master in Financial and Monetary Economy

Bachelor in European Studies

Ana Catarina Caldeira

15 years of experience managing non-profits

4 years of experience managing communication and culture projects

11 years of experience in journalist and media archive

PhD researcher in Communication Sciences – Communication and Language

Master in Journalism, Politics and Contemporary History

Bachelor degree in Communication and Culture Sciences – Journalism

Ana Paula Silva

12 years of experience managing research projects

5 years as a scientific director of a university Masters in Educational Sciences

14 years of experience as an educational sciences teacher at university masters and doctoral level

25 years as a philosophy teacher in secondary education

3 years of experience managing non-profits

PhD in History and Philosophy of Sciences

Post-graduation in Educational Sciences

Bachelor degree in Philosophy

Mariantonelia Cedeño

5 years of experience in planning and execution of social development projects

Bachelor degree International Studies

Currently studying for master degree in Planning for Global Development

João Santos

5 years of experience on coding and IT projects development

5 years of experience managing non-profits

Master in Business and Administration

Master in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Full Stack Web Developer