The project has the objective of enabling youth workers and volunteers from grassroots organisations from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Portugal to take
steps into a small-scale cooperation at European level in order to better reach out targeted young people with fewer opportunities, coming from remote/rural areas or facing exclusion, caused by economic and cultural barriers or education

The project aim to CONNECT local organisations, ENGAGING with local policy makers and EMPOWER people to have ‘voice’ on
common rural/remote communities’ issues, related to forms of discrimination, irresponsible use of nature and youth exclusion.

The project is linked with the INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY objectives of the EU and:

  • work transnationally on the development, sharing and integrate cross-sectoral practices, and produce of educational tools to enhance the competencies of youth workers to address transnational common rural communities’ issues.
  • onsite & online trainings, where the partners organisations share their experience in Non Formal Education (inclusion and diversity, digital skills and competences, green skills).
  • build trainings to promote youth volunteers competences to reach out their youth rural/remote communities, PROMOTING youth activism and CONNECT with local policymakers.
  • develop 8 key competences, incl. digital
    competences, green awareness, embracing diversity, and resources on activism to empower young activists to become peer-to-peer trainers.
  • promote youth activism and teach a responsible use of nature.
  • motivate and EMPOWER youth to undertake campaign, ENGAGE on acting together with policy-makers on local issues with European dimension (Sustainable Green Europe, Equality and
    Inclusion, as part of the European Youth Goals).

Therefore, by connecting the targeted youth with fewer opportunities with policy-makers, we want to empower them to ‘have a say’, on INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY priority and at the same time enhances youth ACTIVISM, and promote responsible attitude towards ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE.