Erasmus+ Internships

Are interested on getting experience on an international non-profit organisation?

Our Erasmus+ Internships programme has the objective of empower you with new tools and skills that will make you a more active professional and an engaged citizen.

However, before applying, you have to confirm if:

  • Your university is based in one of the EU member states, or associated counties (North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Türkiye)?
  • Are you studying, or have you finished any degree less than 12 months ago?
  • The internship will be onsite. Are you available for an onsite internship?
  • Erasmus+ Internship is a full time internship. In our case we will only ask for 4 days a week, are you available to do 4 days of work per week?
  • Erasmus+ will support part of the cost of the internship. Depending on the country you came from and the country you will do the internship, this amount varies between 225€ and 674€ per month. Any extra cost should be supported by the trainee. Are you able to support yourself if the Erasmus+ doesn’t cover all your expenses?

If you can answer yes to all the previous questions, please apply here