The world has been facing new challenges in the past years, such as the refugee, economic crisis, pandemic and war, which contributed to the rising scepticism and anti-migrant political alternatives. These tensions resulted in Great Britain’s exit from the EU and fed right-wing political parties like the French National Front, Alternative für Deutschland, Italy’s far-right coalition, Freedom Party in the Netherlands, and others.

To tackle the rise of anti-migrant and anti-democratic movements it is important to raise awareness about the intrinsic democratic values and the importance of the civic and democratic participation by citizens for the future, therefore, of peace, welfare and tolerance as well. Our mission is to foster active citizenship and a democratic society based on Human Rights.

Our Institute hosts diverse initiatives, including positive debates, which will allow the citizens to think about what kind of future they want. By exploring its history, achievements and possible future, we intend to bring the debate to the public sphere, to schools, to clubs.

The future depends on all of us, get involved!

Make the future!