For Citizens Institute is a European non-profit organisation with the objective of promoting civic and democratic participation.

For Citizens is especially dedicated to Active Citizenship based on Human Rights values, and participative democracy.

Throughout cooperation with other institutions, we are implementing projects oriented to every citizen, to encourage their interest, engagement and participation in society.

Participate today to build a better future.


We research on civic, political and social movements with the aim to objectively analyse, produce and disseminate knowledge and information. Our objective is to foster social and political transformations that allow a more democratic participation of the citizens.

Our main work areas are political sciences, foreign affairs, active citizenship and participation in general. We intend to integrate a multidisciplinary view in our analyses in order to better comprehend the world we live in and to reach a broader audience.

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Programmes & Projects

We develop a few global programmes and projects that promote the engagement of young people in active citizenship.