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For Citizens Institute is an institution independent of governments, political parties, philosophical and religious conceptions, with the objective of promoting civic and democratic participation. For Citizens is especially dedicated to Active Citizenship based on Human Rights values, and participative democracy.

Throughout cooperation with other institutions, we are implementing projects oriented to every citizen, to encourage their interest, engagement and participation in society.

We develop scientific surveys and research on civic, political and social movements with the aim to objectively analyse, produce and disseminate knowledge and information. Our objective is to foster social and political transformations that allow a more democratic participation of the citizens.

Our main work areas are political sciences, foreign affairs, active citizenship and participation in general. We intend to integrate a multidisciplinary view in our analyses in order to better comprehend the world we live in and to reach a broader audience.

Through audio-visual and other media support, we disseminate investigation, surveys, information, as well as scientific research.

Learn from the past, build a better future.

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EU Ambassadors Program

This initiative seeks to bring the citizens closer to the civic society and public sphere through debate and action. By creating a safe space for critical thinking and debate of ideas, the Institute wants to empower European citizens with tools and information that enable them to participate, make new suggestions and contribute with alternatives. We believe this program can contribute to engaging citizens in the future of Europe, ensuring a more environmental, sustainable, fair and free future for our society.

The program provides online training to ambassadors, and the necessary tools to enable them to implement workshops in their communities. Did you like this initiative? Great, join the EU Ambassadors WebCourse and help us reach new audiences!

New Leaders Program

Democracy is a system of government based on popular sovereignty, which means the power of any political actor is legitimized by civic support. Unfortunately, many societies demonstrate a progressive deflation of participation and involvement in this domain – which undermines democracy, its values and even the outputs. Considering this trend, we are looking individually at local communities and organising events that enable a flowing, harmonious dialogue between different actors to understand what are the motives for it, what can be done and by whom.

This program has the aim to provide new tools to engage civil society in actions that lead to a more active citizenship and rise of new leaders that promote the engagement of citizens in the governance and development of their societies based on freedom and human rights.

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Green Citizens Program

More than ever debate and action is essential to engage citizens in the fight against climate change. For Citizens want to foster dialogue by creating a safe space for critical thinking and debate in order to empower citizens and engage the communities in the transition to a new environmental sustainable future for our global society.

The Green Citizens Program has the objective of capacitating citizens to debate, teach and engage their local communities in climate change issues through the development of workshops specially designed to empower citizens with tools that enable them to act in the environment transition.

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Our Board's Message

The world have been facing new challenges in the past years, such as the refugee and economic crisis, which contributed to the rising scepticism and anti-migrant political alternatives. These tensions resulted in Great Britain’s exit from the EU and fed right-wing political parties like French National Front, Alternative für Deutschland, Italy’s Northern League and the Freedom Party in the Netherlands.

To tackle the rise of anti-migrant and anti-democratic movements it is important to raise awareness about the intrinsic democratic values and the importance of the civic and democratic participation by citizens for the future, therefore, of peace, welfare and tolerance as well. The aim of this project is to foster active citizenship and a democratic society based on Human Rights.

Our Institute will host diverse initiatives, including positive debates, which will allow the citizens to think about what kind of future they want. By exploring its history, achievements and possible future, we intend to bring the debate to the public sphere, to schools, to clubs.

The future will depend on all of us.

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